Speaking & Event Hosting

To inquire about keynote, panel, or hosting appearances, please contact: Dorothee, d@the-corsair.com 


Keynote: How to Scale & Grow with Social Impact (Presented to Members of the Innovate Children's Health Challenge, orchestrated by the Center for Advancing Innovation (CAI) with support from Resonance Philanthropies of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation and the National Institutes of Health (NIH))

November 2020

Keynote: Alumnus Experience Presentation to Board (Birthright Israel)

October 2020

Keynote & Panel Discussion:
Artificial Intelligence & Fear (2020)

Practical Uses of Artificial Intelligence (2018)

(AI Tech Summit)

November 2018 & September 2020

Keynote: Reimagining a World of Zero (Singularity University NY) 

May 2019

Keynote: Introducing The Karma Network (Nexus Americas Summit)

March 2019

Keynote: In The Valley of Technology: A Guide to Disruptive Technology Acquisition

(Echelon Partners: Deal and Deal Makers Summit)

November 2016

Keynote: What's New in Marketing?

(Lincoln Invesment Wealth Forum)

October 2016

Keynote & Panel Discussion: Our Year Ahead: Strategies for Success in Financial Marketing

(Gramercy Institute Forum: Boston)

March 2016

Keynote: Union Debate: Was the American Revolution Bad for Modern Business? (Boston Public Library, in association with the Oxford Business Alumni Network of Boston)

September 2015

Keynote: Real Wall Street Experience in M&A Opportunities between U.S. and China

(MIT-China Innovation And Entrepreneurship Forum) 

May  2013

Keynote: Careers in Television Journalism

(Boston University, College of Communication)

May  2012


Lecture: Data-Driven Decision Making in Marketing (NYU Stern)

March 2019

Lecture: The Future of Wealth Management (UPenn Wharton)

September 2016


September: Panel Discussion:

The Future of Hospitality & COVID-19

October: Panel Discussion:

Post-COVID-19: Future Strategies

November: Panel Discussion: 

Entrepreneurs through COVID-19


September - November 2020

Panel Discussion: Key Connections

(Phi Beta Kappa NY)

July  2019

Panel Discussion: Family Office Investing in Film & Television (ELITE Global Leaders Conference/Jaboy Productions)

June  2019

Panel Discussion: The Newsroom in the Digital Age (New York Press Club Journalism Summit)

October 2014


Other: AlleyWire Pitch

(Ultra Light Startups)

June 2014

BU- Black on White.jpg

Other: The Great Debate

(Boston University, College of Communication)

2004 - 2008

Other: Public Forum and Parliamentary Debate Cases (NSDA, APDA, WUDC) 

2000 - 2008

Other: Student Presenter

(Oxford Union)

January 2007

Other: Venture Competition Judge

(Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), NextGen Summit, Epic Events Impact Pitch, etc.)


Other: Conference Attendee and/or Member (Nexus Global, Milken Institute Global Conference, 1640 Society, Summit Series, Greenwich Economic Forum, Concordia, etc.)  


Other: Hosted Dozens of Private and Sponsored Events

(Corsair, Sundara, Vestorly, etc.)