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danger zone (noun)

\ dān-jər \ ˈzōn \

colloq. zone-of-danger

Neil St. Clair "Sterling Archerized"

with weapon and beverage

Neil does not advocate violence or substance abuse, just a little fun







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Perspectives on Web Design

The style of this site is intentionally eclectic—in much the way my life has been happily at tangents and angles. There is, however, a throughline to my existence (i.e. removal of fear) and there are guideposts to the brand here (i.e. a nouveau-vintage style). But these rules are often purposefully violated; forced alignment side-stepped, in favor of creating a true repository for beautiful work.

Within the site there are many allusions and references to inspiration, ranging from theater (e.g. Les Miserables and Hamilton), to art deco design (e.g. Tamara Lempicka), to the scientific (e.g. Michelson-Morley experiment). There are too many to whom I am indebted, but, suffice it to say, this digital design anthology is very much the result of having stood on the shoulders of giants.

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Neil St. Clair

Credit Where Credit is Due

Even though this site tells my story, it was not built by me alone. Here's the global team that assisted and how you can find them:

Tech Guru: David Cutrano (Chicago, Bangkok, Tokyo)

SEO & Design Guru: Jordan Stambaugh (US, WA)

Art Director: Maggie Cody (US, MN)

Graphic Designer: Carly Nemeth (US, NJ)

Graphic Designer: Shockwave Media & Design (US, TX)

Poster Designer: Gary Kelly (Ireland)

Book Cover Designer: Eisner Adorador (Phillipines)

Infographic Designer: Ahmed Zaeem (Pakistan)

Illustrator: Zachary Harvey (US, TX)

Photo Editor: Jason Basich (US, OH)

Video Editor: Dan Hirshon (US, NY)

Photographers: There are too many to name over the years, but B.A. Van SiseProbe RokAlex Geana, and Ivan Djikaev (Mind on Photography) are a special few.


Podcast Editors, Audio, Video & Post Collaborators: Again too many to name over the years, but my great respect and thanks to you all!