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A curated notebook full of musings, intellectual sketches, and punchy insights pulled from a lifetime as an impresario, journalism, and flâneur.

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2020 - Present

A less-than-sixty-second audio breakdown of my blog, St. Clair's Sanctorum. Performed as a voicemail message left for me...from myself.

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2020 - Present

A brief video look back on "sharing my confusion" about the world. Typically done, you guessed it, during my morning coffee run. 

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2020 - Present

The Reason: Independent Opinion, for Independent Voters

(Neil St. Clair)

2019 - Present

Letter to New Graduates during COVID-19 in my role as PBKNY President.

(Phi Beta Kappa)


Op-Ed: "IfNotNow Does Not Speak for Me" (The Jerusalem Post)


Creator, Host, and Executive Producer of "After Exit," an interview series and podcast asking "what happens next" after you sell your company.

(Karma Impact/Timeless Media)

2017 - 2019

Creator, Host, and Executive Producer of "Versus," a podcast looking at The Greatest Business Battles of All Time 
(Karma Impact/Timeless Media)

2017 - 2019

Host: The Future of Cities: Tires 
(Karma Impact/Timeless Media)

2017 - 2019

Interview: The Power of Irrationality with Nili Gilbert, CEO, Matarin Capital

(Karma Impact/Timeless Media)

2017 - 2019


Top SEO Tips & Terms for Legal Funders (Mighty)


Column on Marketing, Media, and Entrepreneurship


2013 - 2016


Guest Post: How To Nail An On-Camera Interview

(Business Insider)


Guest Post: Entrepreneurs: How to Create a Founding Legend



FullStart Column


2013 - 2014

Guest Post: How to Mix Love and Business (Under30CEO)


Creator, Host, and Executive Producer: AlleyChat


2010 - 2013

Television Journalism

(CNN, NY1, YNN, News10Now)

2008 - 2010

Creator and Host: On That Point


2004 - 2008 (still ongoing)

Debating Rights of National Self-Determination: A Combined Theory on Independence & Viability for Nations & the International Community

(Boston University, Political Science Department, Undergraduate Dissertation)


BU- Black on White.jpg

Academic Papers on Journalism, Political

Science, and International Affairs

(Boston University, Oxford University, Yale


2004 - 2008 (still ongoing)

Page Creator & Contributor: Admiral John Carson Febiger, Colonel Christian Febiger, Dr. John Carson



Poster: Exponential Growth and Decay Model for Human Genealogy (Common Ancestor)



Executive Producer for dozens of streaming shows and docuseries, including: Hey Gordon!, At-a-Glance, Inflection Point, and Working Capital.

(Timeless Media)


NES Logo-black_Logo - Tagline.png

Creator of internal and external marketing content for various organizations, including: Karma, the Child Safety Pledge, the Child Safety Coalition, and Shepherd Kaplan 






Voice Over Artist, Rocktopia Chorus Member, Fashion Model, etc.



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Executive Producer & Guest Appearances (Various)